Packaging and branding solutions for cosmetic, beauty, and medical industries

We offer innovative, stylish, and customizable packaging solutions for leading cosmetic, beauty, and medical brands.

FULL PRODUCT LINE from face to body: Cosmetic Packaging, Health and Beauty Packaging, Airless Pump Bottle, Cosmetic Bottle, Cosmetic Tube, Cosmetic Compacts, Aluminum & Plastic Lipstick Case, Lip Gloss, Mascara, Eyeliner, Cosmetic Jar, Cosmetic Container, Pen & Pencil, Sprayer & Tottle.


The Packaging Company (TPC) is a leading manufacturer and designer of Cosmetic, Beauty, and Medical packaging. We offer a full line of cosmetic, health, and beauty packaging, including anti-aging & skin care products packaging, color-cosmetic and make-up packaging, spa products packaging, pharmaceutical & nutraceutical packaging, hair care & styling products packaging.


+ Over 25 years of cosmetic packaging design and manufacturing expertise.
+ Design facility and office based in Long Beach, California.
+ Our core products are airless pump bottles, cosmetic bottles, cosmetic tubes (single or multi-layers for barrier protection), lipstick tubes, cosmetic compacts, aluminum lipstick cases, lip gloss tubes, sifter jars, cosmetic containers, cosmetic cream jars, airless jars, cosmetic acrylic jars, sprayers & pumps, mascara & eyeliner container, brush, and droppers.
+ Large selection of materials: aluminum, plastic, PET, PETG, PP, PE, AS, PMMA, LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, SAN, ABS, & paper.
+ Custom in house design, expert cosmetic packaging consultation, tooling, prototype to production, long & short run, minimum lead time, competitive pricing and on time delivery.
+ ISO 9001:2000 projects are welcome.


+ Provide creative and effective packaging solutions for cosmetic, beauty, and medical brands from all over the world.
+ Strive for the highest product quality, exceptional customer service, high speed production, and on time delivery.
+ Benefit customers with branding and product development to keep up with market trends and achieve business objectives.
+ Build a long-term relationship with customers to ensure their success in the competitive beauty market.


cosmetic beauty packaging medical beauty packaging skincare hair care spa packaging


“Bring your brand to the top of the market”

The appearance of your package is extremely important for the success of the product in the competitive cosmetic and beauty market. With experience and expertise, our creative team will assist customers in product design for high-end results. Our advanced technology enables multiple decorative options to transform an ordinary cosmetic bottle into an extraordinary one. “Partner with us and we will help bring your brand to the top of the market.”


"Innovative delivery system for health care and medical products"

Packaging for health care and medical products needs extra protection and a smart delivery system. Our multifunctional tubes are available with several different applicator tips (i.e. roller ball, foam, vibrating ceramic or metal tips) that can provide extra massage therapy. Laminated tubes with 3 or 5 layer barrier can protect complex formulas (i.e. essential oil, SPF, or active ingredients). Our airless technology provides absolute protection for sensitive formulas and ensures the delivery of controlled doses. TPC will help you find a right solution for all of your packaging needs.


“Your formula is safe with us”

As the demand for natural and organic formulas rise, many skincare businesses are seeking for smart packaging that ensures extra protection for their sensitive formulas and increases product shelf life. TPC's airless bottle line is developed to meet this demand. Airless packaging allows customers to choose from a wide range of styles, sizes and shapes with enhanced performances, ergonomics and aesthetics. Airless bottles allow 99% product dispensing and are available with a wide range of customizable options.


Superior Quality
With advanced technology and high-end equipment, all of our cosmetic bottles are made with the highest quality. To guarantee zero defect rate, we do quality control before shipping to our customers.
Great Customer Service
Over 25 years of expertise, our customers can expect a high level of satisfaction. We respond to all questions and solve customers’ problems before, during, and even after the sale periods.
Design & Design Assistance
Get your artwork done in shortest time with our in house design team. Send us your artwork or concept, we will provide the complete representation of your artwork on the chosen package’s die line.
Competitive Pricing
Our strong manufacture and supply chain structure allows us to provide our customers with competitive pricing. In addition, with our foreign owned export company, all of the export documentation can be done effortlessly at low cost.

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