The Game Changed for Cannabis Packaging

The game changed for the cannabis packaging industry as it is moving into the main stream consumer market. In the past, the cannabis market was small in proportion to the current legal market. It was driven on the latest cannabis cup awards, weed postings, print media, and hearsay for the cannabis industry.

Many of the new consumers know nothing about the industries preferred brands and have not been exposed to or are interested in what the latest strain is. Therefore, you must put extra effort into not only the quality of your cannabis products but more importantly, your cannabis packaging.

Most of the mass market products address the consumers buying decisions (subconscious and conscious) and understand what motivates them to take the product off the shelf. Unlike the mass market, the Cannabis packaging industry has a lot of work to do when it comes to marketing to this new consumer demographic that has been opened to them due to legalization.

The Cannabis industry has been fixed on their brand being the selling point of their cannabis. In the past, this worked because they were targeting to a select consumer of “pot smokers.” However, today it is a market of “cannabis smokers” who are not looked down upon for having an occasional smoke and puff. The term “pot smokers” has a harsher connotation and seems to still be used by the angry WASP politicians controlling the reigns of legalization. “Pot smokers”are habitual and buy their products based off their familiarity with a brand. However, the new demographic coming to dispensaries with a pair of fresh eyes will be looking for something that catches their attention with perceived value of a quality product expressed through the packaging of the product.

Today’s new consumer knows nothing about cannabis brands or anything else on the package that does not give them a perceived value in the buying decision (ex. organic, uplifting high, relaxing flavor, scent and taste to name a few). Yes, perceived value ranks very high on the content placed on a package unless you are a known brand name. For example, in the soap aisle you have Tide, for beer it’s Coors, and in the skin care aisle there is Clinique.

As reported in a Forbes article by Debra Borchardt she states, “The Cannabis Consumers Survey puts women at 53% to 42 % men.” From a marketing perspective you must take into consideration that the female is a major part of your market. The bland dark colored packaging, big ugly childproof caps, and the brand name being larger than the benefit of the product needs to go because the game has changed. The sooner the companies wake up to benefit labeling, style, and unique artwork in the market the sooner they can maintain and expand their space on the shelves.

The Packaging Company, located in Long Beach, CA., is a leading international manufacturer and designer of consumer packaging that can assist you with creating your cannabis packaging and bring it to life. Everything is custom made in the exact color, finish, and printing that you desire. If you don’t already have your own artwork you can connect with our in-house designers who will help you with your artwork from conception to delivery.

The new cannabis packaging laws requires that everything sold with THC must be child resistant. The Packaging Company has a line of child resistant items such as jars,airless bottles,droppers, and pre-roll containers that are essential for your packaging needs.We enable our customers to have high quality packaging all while remaining compliant with cannabis packaging laws. You can view our full online catalog here. With over 20+ years of manufacturing expertise, The Packaging Company can elevate a brands position in the market and provide the best cannabis packaging solution for your company.

Michael Salemi
CEO of The Packaging Company
President of IMS Ningbo China
Michael has over 40 years in manufacturing and designing consumer products.
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