How Good Packaging Can Increase Sales?

When shoppers walk into a store to purchase a product, the first thing that catch shoppers’ attention is the packaging of the product. Packaging always act as a gateway to the product because it is what the consumer sees and feels. This often affect their purchase decision and it makes a difference in determining what the products get noticed in the store.

From high-end boutiques to packaged food we see in Costco, companies are coming up with more distinctive packaging that will separate them from their competitors. Even though there are many different styles and strategies among the companies, there are few common considerations regarding to packaging that are gradually becoming essential for consumers.

There are so many similar products in the market but not a lot of them can stand out from the crowd and catch consumers’ eye. Packaging allows the brand to speak for itself before the product does. Premium packaging enhances customer’s purchasing experience. It also increases the memorability of the brand which helps to gain new customers and retain the relationship with the current one.

Decision Making to Purchase

Consumers often seek opinions from their references groups such as Family, friends, co-workers and reviews online to help them make purchase decision. Every inputs affect the attitudes and perception of the consumers towards the product. However, filtering information and suggestion that were given from the references groups can be difficult. Many evidences indicating that consumers only retain the information that appeals to them.
When consumers are facing conflicting signal, they tend to make impulsive buying decision. Under the circumstance, they heavily reply on product packaging to help them skip through multiple decision making process. According to Torben Hansen’s conceptual framework, he claimed that the consumers perceive a product as immensely high value, they are more satisfied from engaging themselves to make the purchase decision.

The benefits of packaging in Marketing

When you walk into a store, you will see store shelves are stocked with various products that are packaged inside bottles, jars, boxes and other containers. They are all designed in different colours, sizes and shapes. Packaging plays an important role in marketing process, many companies spend a great amount of money and time designing and planning it.

1. Products Protection

One of the benefits in product packaging is that it not only ensures the products are safe when they are delivered to stores and customers but also when products sit on the shelves itself. It is extremely important for customers to receive the products they purchase in undamaged condition. This will deliver positive experiences to customers such as the care and consideration companies put into. On the other hand, a poor packaging can result in bad customer service and reputation. If products are not packaged properly, consumers will perceive products as lacking of quality which will also decrease the value of products.

2. Information Provision

Product packaging communicates information about the product with the consumers. It provides information and instructions for product’s features, benefits and use. The information can be either mandated by law or promotional. These information can increase sales because it expedites potential clients to make a buying decision without speaking to a store employee.

3. Branding Reinforcement

Product packaging builds product characters within the products to keep consistence in quality and design. Branding elements reinforce the product’s recognition which helps consumers recognise the products on shelves instantly. Product packaging plays a crucial role in branding whether it’s in advertising, online websites or the traditional brick and mortar stores.