Lotion Pump Bottle



What is PCR?

PCR stands for Post-Consumer Resin, a sustainable alternative to plastic that helps support the use of recycling programs and reduce the impact on landfill. PCR is an eco-friendly option on the rise due to high customer demand. Additionally, it meets requirements and regulations for food, pharmaceutical and medical packaging, making them sufficient for nearly any packaging need.

What is PCR Sugarcane packaging?

Sugarcane Packaging refers to Sugarcane polymer, one of the leaders in the future of biodegradable bioplastics. Sugarcane bagasse fiber residues are used as the bio-oil that creates the polymer. It’s a fine representative of a carbon-neutral packaging.

Green packaging

Consist of green materials such as 100% aluminum, tinplate, and biodegradable plastic that can be recycled or biodegradable.