Child Resistant Aluminum Pre Roll Tube
D: 29mm



Child Resistant Pre Roll Tube K29F:

Child Resistant PreRoll Tube K29F is child-resistant certified and made of aluminum. This pre-roll packaging is developed in-house by TPC. Perfect for multi-pack pre rolls, the K29F fits up to 5 full-gram cones securely inside. Fully recyclable and made from aluminum, our child resistant pre roll tube is a great example of innovative and green packaging.

  • Patented
  • Airtight
  • Multi-Use Resealable
  • 16 CFR§1700.20 Child Resistant Certified
  • ASTM Compliant

How to Use

To open our K29F, simply push down the tube and twist before lifting the cap.

Color, Finish, and Print

These are completely customizable with color, finish, and print. Finish options include: frosty, matte, satin, semi-gloss, and glossy (in order from least to most shiny) Check out “FINISH PRINTING” under the CUSTOM DESIGN tab for more details or click here.

Item Number 729TB-K29F-CR
Name K29F CR Aluminum Pre Roll Tube
Minimum Quantity 20,000
Material Aluminum/Plastic
Capacity Custom
Dimension D:29 mm, H: Customizable
Size Cylinder
Color & Finish Heat Transfer & Silk Screen Printing


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