Why You Need To Rethink Your Packaging Colors

Companies aren’t choosing the right colors for their products. Many companies make the mistake of choosing the colors of their packaging based off their taste preference or what is currently in the market.   Significance of color choices   Consumers are greatly influenced by the color of packaging alone. In fact, based off the Impact of Color Marketing study, .

How influential is legalizing Cannabis?

There are 10 states that have legalized marijuana so far in 2018. Recently Michigan just became the first state in the Midwest to legalize recreational marijuana.Many research indicates that there is a tremendous impact on US’s economy. According to a research from a cannabis analytics company New Frontier, the economic impact of legalizing marijuana could bring an additional $105.6 .

How Good Packaging Can Increase Sales?

When shoppers walk into a store to purchase a product, the first thing that catch shoppers’ attention is the packaging of the product. Packaging always act as a gateway to the product because it is what the consumer sees and feels. This often affect their purchase decision and it makes a difference in determining what the products get noticed .

The Demand For Airless Packaging Is Growing

The Demand for Airless Packaging is Growing The demand for airless packaging has grown in popularity because it prevents oxidation, reduces the needs for preservatives, provides precise dosage, and prevents cross contamination. Another advantage of airless packaging is that it can come in many forms such as jars, bottles, tubes, syringes, etc. This means that design options are endless .

The Game Changed for Cannabis Packaging

The game changed for the cannabis packaging industry as it is moving into the main stream consumer market. In the past, the cannabis market was small in proportion to the current legal market. It was driven on the latest cannabis cup awards, weed postings, print media, and hearsay for the cannabis industry. Many of the new consumers know nothing .

Current Trend in Color Cosmetic Packaging: Multi-Function Sticks

Cosmetic companies, Lancôme, Clinique, and Vapor Organics (to name a few) , are transitioning from compacts to twist up tubes for: press cheek, press eye, and press powder containers. The simple spiral up tubes are becoming a sensation within the cosmetic packaging industry. These elegant twist ups empower consumers to apply product with controlled and precise movements. The Packaging .