Photo of COVID Vaccine and Port Cargo

Historic Shipping Delays Experienced Globally, Long Beach Port Dockworkers Being Vaccinated

Where are my goods? February 17, 2021 | By: Esther Choi    ONE MONTH LATER of the reported 694 COVID-sick dockworkers, 12 dead, and a thousand more at-home for COVID-related issues, Maritime Executive reports that frontline dockworkers will begin to be vaccinated. It’s been a strenuous time for Long Beach Port dockworkers. They are short staffed, have sick colleagues, .

Why You Need To Rethink Your Packaging Colors

Companies aren’t choosing the right colors for their products. Many companies make the mistake of choosing the colors of their packaging based off their taste preference or what is currently in the market.   The significance of color choices   Consumers are greatly influenced by the color of packaging alone. In fact, based on the Impact of Color Marketing .
products on store shelves

How Can Good Packaging Increase Sales?

When shoppers blindly walk into a store, the first thing that catches their attention is the packaging of the products.                                 Packaging serves as a gateway to the product because it’s what the consumer sees and touches. This often affects their purchase decision and .
airless packaging

The Demand for Airless Packaging is Growing

The demand for airless packaging has grown in popularity because it prevents oxidation, extends shelf life, reduces the need for preservatives, provides precise dosage, and prevents cross-contamination. Another advantage of airless packaging is that it can come in many forms such as jars, bottles, tubes, syringes, etc. This means that design options are endless for companies that are seeking to .
3 cushion compact foundations

Current Trend in Color Cosmetic Packaging: Multi-Function Sticks

Cosmetic companies, Lancôme, Clinique, and Vapor Organics (to name a few) , are transitioning from compacts to twist up tubes for: press cheek, press eye, and press powder containers. The simple spiral up tubes are becoming a sensation within the cosmetic packaging industry. These elegant twist ups empower consumers to apply product with controlled and precise movements. The Packaging .