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3 Benefits of Custom Inserts for Cannabis Packaging

One of the most effective ways to boost your product’s perceived value is through custom insert trays. Custom inserts give your product a premium feel while protecting it from damage or tampering. Whether your brand focuses on flower, pre-rolls, edibles, or concentrates, customizing your insert trays will create a personalized packaging experience for your customer. […]

5 Reasons Why Pre-Rolls are the Next Moneymaker in Cannabis

It’s no secret that pre-rolls have taken the cannabis industry by storm. From dogwalkers to infused joints, today’s cannabis consumer has a wide variety of options to choose from. With more and more states legalizing cannabis, it’s only a matter of time before pre-rolls hit the mainstream. If your brand has yet to make its […]

5 Edible Packaging Tips and Tricks

Cannabis-infused edibles have become all the craze. From chocolate bars to gummies, today’s cannabis consumers can choose from countless snacks that pack a potent punch. The rise in popularity of edibles has led to new opportunities for brands to try their hand at consumable cannabis. If your brand is getting ready to enter the edible […]

5 Tips for Amazing Cosmetic Packaging

The way consumers shop and interact with their favorite cosmetic brands has evolved. In today’s market, consumers are more tech-savvy, eco-conscious, and willing to pay a premium for brands they love. Many cosmetic brands have started to improve their packaging to meet consumer demands by enhancing quality, solidifying branding, and upgrading materials used. Here are […]

Tin vs. Plastic: Which is Better for Pre-Roll Packaging?

Plastic has dominated pre-roll packaging for years—but as trends evolve and consumers become more aware, things are starting to change. Instead of opting for the cheapest or most convenient packaging, brands are now required to place quality and performance at the forefront. One material that has started to revolutionize the pre-roll packaging market is tin, […]

5 Best Cannabis Packaging Design Tips

First impressions are everything. In today’s blooming cannabis industry, your product’s packaging can make or break your success. How do you create eye-catching packaging that’s functional, unique, and piques the interest of your customer? Here are five cannabis packaging design tips to help you package your product for success: Find Your Audience First, you need […]

What is Airless Packaging?

Being a business owner of a retail brand and a top decision-maker at your company comes with a lot of responsibility. One of these important matters is how you package and present your cosmetic, skincare, or medical products to consumers. You may have heard about airless packaging but are curious to learn more. Here you [...]

Pre-Roll Packaging and the Environment

Pre-Roll Packaging and the Environment Roll With Us: Vol 3 Today’s pre-roll scene is constantly evolving. In this month’s edition of Roll With Us, we’ll demonstrate how pre-roll packaging is changing too by covering the main varieties of pre-roll packaging materials available in the market today. It’s time to cut through the marketing and examine […]