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PCR Lotion Pump Bottle
SKU: 772PCR-ZX11222

Minimum Order Quantity: 10,000
  • Eco-Friendly
  • PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) Plastic
  • Leak-Proof
  • Customizable
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Our eco-friendly PCR Lotion Pump Bottle is designed to meet your sustainable packaging needs while maintaining the highest standards of functionality and quality.

This bottle is expertly crafted from PCR plastic, derived from post-consumer recycled materials. By consciously utilizing PCR plastic, we not only provide a high-quality product but also actively contribute to reducing the demand for virgin plastic production. As a result, we help your brand play a vital role in minimizing the environmental impact associated with plastic waste.

With its generous capacity of 220ml, this bottle becomes an optimal solution for the storage and dispensing of various types of lotions, creams, or liquid products. Its ample size caters to both personal care products and professional applications, allowing for versatility and convenience.

The lotion pump dispenser, meticulously designed for effortless and precise dispensing, ensures that your products are distributed in a controlled manner. This not only prevents waste but also enhances the overall user experience. Additionally, the pump features a lock mechanism, adding an extra layer of protection against accidental spills or leakage during transportation or storage.

This bottle is constructed with high-quality PCR plastic, ensuring durability and resistance to impact. It maintains the integrity of the stored products and is resistant to common chemicals found in lotions and creams.

Choose this bottle to enhance your brand image, reduce plastic waste, and provide your customers with a premium and eco-friendly packaging experience. Contact us today to discuss your packaging needs and explore the possibilities.

Color, Finish, & Print

This bottle is completely customizable with color, finish, and print.

To learn more about our customization options, click here.

Item Number772PCR-ZX11222
NamePCR Lotion Pump Bottle
DimensionH: 123mm x D: 50mm

Color, finish, & print

Printing: Silkscreen | Hot Stamp

Finish: Matte, satin, semi-gloss, & glossy