Color Cosmetic Packaging Current Trends: Multi-Function Sticks

The new kid in cosmetics

Lancôme, Clinique, Vapor Organics and other cosmetic giants are moving from traditional compacts to twist up tubes. Simple spiral up tubes are becoming an overnight sensation within the cosmetic packaging industry for cheek,  eye, and powder products. Twist ups are an elegant option which empowers consumers to apply product with precision. TPC VP Thu Vu says, “it’s a more precise and convenient method of applying makeup, especially on-the-go.”

Vapor Organics uses twist up tubes for concealer, foundation, lip stains, and eye applications. Twist up tubes also allow for a more elegant, slim look unique to their brand. These lightweight tubes are multi-use tools that can be applied to the jawline, eye, or lip area; making it a universal applicator. This is in contrast to traditional compacts, which limits usage to one area of the face. This method of use promotes a healthy even complexion . The tubes also feature an airtight seal to extend product shelf life and protect it from damage.

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