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CR Flush Tin Case
Airtight | Child-Resistant | Eco-Friendly
L: 93mm x W: 85mm x H: 14mm

Minimum Order Quantity: 10,000
  • Airtight
  • Child-Resistant (16 CFR§1700.20 Certified)
  • Eco-Friendly
  • FDA-Compliant
  • Customizable
  • US Patent No. 11,370,583
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Our V2A CR Flush Tin Case is perfect for storing pre-rolls, edibles, and more. It incorporates a spring hinge design that ensures ease of access while also including a child-resistant locking mechanism for safety. The container’s flush sides enable it to slide effortlessly into a pocket or purse, making it perfect for on-the-go use.

The airtight seal locks in the freshness, keeping the contents safe from external elements and maintaining the quality from production until it reaches the consumer. This is especially crucial for products like pre-rolls and edibles, where maintaining freshness and potency is of utmost importance.

Besides its functional features, the V2A is also a powerful branding asset. Its sleek design and durability make it less likely to be discarded, turning your packaging into a long-lasting advertisement for your brand.

In a highly competitive market, the V2A gives you the edge. It not only highlights your commitment to safety and sustainability but also offers a memorable branding opportunity. Amplify your brand visibility, demonstrate your dedication to sustainability, and ensure product freshness with the V2A CR Flush Tin Case. It’s the preferred packaging choice for industry-leading brands.


Customize the color, printing, insert trays, and wax paper of the V2A CR Flush Tin Case to align with your brand and enhance your product’s value. Visit our customization showcase to learn more.

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Item NumberCR-V2A
NameCR Flush Tin Case
Minimum Quantity10,000
MaterialTin Plate
Dimensions 93mm(L) X 85mm(W) x 14mm(H)

Color, finish, & print

Printing: CMYK | Lithographic Printing

Embossing: 1.5mm & .75 mm option

Finish:  Matte, satin, semi-gloss, & glossy.

How to Open

To open our Child Resistant Tin, simply push the two buttons at the sides with roughly 6-8 lbs of pressure force before lifting the lid.

V Tin Series

  1. Deboss/Emboss: Leave a lasting impression with the sensation of touch. Emboss/deboss imprints your brand on your packaging and in the subconscious mind of your customer. Two height emboss is available for even more artistic possibilities.
  2. Patented CR button:Our patented (US, Utility #) child-resistant buttons are an ASTM-certified locking mechanism which pairs with our hinged spring-open lid to increase the “wow factor.”
  3. Lithographic Printing: 8 color CMYK printing featuring the widest selection of colors available in the pantone color matching system, including gradients. Infinite design possibilities.
  4. Airtight Silicone Gasket: Our airtight and FDA Food Grade gasket seals and preserves your freshness, flavors and terpenes and dramatically extends product shelf life.* *Over similar airtight and non-airtight plastic and cardboard products
  5. Biodegradable PLA custom insert tray: Custom molded to fit your product. We ensure your product fits snug, but is also easy to access.
  6. Custom cut wax paper:Add an extra layer of presentation and excitement. Custom cut wax paper adds additional branding and narrative to your customer’s journey as they unbox your product.