V2A- Child resistant tin container



Our V2A tin  is

  • Patented
  • Airtight Closure
  • Multi-Use Resealable
  • Plastic-free
  • ASTM Compliant
  • 16 CFR§1700.20 Child Resistant Certified

How to Use

To open our V2A tin, simply push the two buttons at the sides with roughly 6-8 lbs of pressure force before lifting the lid.

Color and Finish

These are completely customizable with color and finish. Finish options include: matte, satin, semi-gloss, and glossy (in order from least to most shiny) Check out “finish printing” under the custom design tab for more details or click here.

Item Number 758CR-93-85-13
Name Child resistant tin container
Minimum Quantity 10,000
Material Tin Plate
Capacity Custom
Dimension  L 93 mm x W 85 mm x H 14 mm
Shape Rectangular
Color & Finish 8 Color CYMK litho Printing& Silk Screen Printing

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