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5 Edible Packaging Tips and Tricks

edible packaging

Cannabis-infused edibles have become all the craze. From chocolate bars to gummies, today’s cannabis consumers can choose from countless snacks that pack a potent punch. The rise in popularity of edibles has led to new opportunities for brands to try their hand at consumable cannabis. If your brand is getting ready to enter the edible market, you need packaging that’s child-resistant, food-grade, and designed to appeal to adults. Here are five edible packaging tips and tricks to set you apart from the rest.

Meet the Standards

The first step in creating your edible packaging is to identify and follow all cannabis packaging safety laws. Depending on your particular state, there are rules and regulations you must follow in order to legally manufacture and sell cannabis products. For example, in California, edible packaging laws require that all packaging be child-resistant, tamper-evident, resealable (if more than one serving), and opaque. Following state laws around packaging will keep your customers safe and your brand out of trouble.

Test the Label

The last thing your brand needs is customers saying your edible is more or less potent than what’s listed on the label. Make sure to do testing in order to provide customers with clear and accurate labeling. Include THC and CBD content, correct dosages, and manufacture and expiration dates. This information informs your customer and empowers them to make the right purchase.

Choose Food-Grade

One main concern you may have with edible packaging is ensuring that your product stays fresh for an extended period of time. Like traditional foods, edibles can go bad if not stored properly. In order to keep your edibles fresh, they must be stored in a cool, dry, airtight container. Food-grade tins are perfect for locking freshness in and keeping air, temperature, and moisture out.

Target Adults

Because of their striking resemblance to traditional foods, cannabis edibles are typically packaged in fun and inviting containers. This can pose a threat to children who are not aware of the effects these products have. According to The American Association of Poison Control Centers, 1,906 child cannabis exposure cases were associated with edible cannabis products from 2017-2019. Overconsumption of edibles can also be dangerous to new and inexperienced adult consumers, as they will not know what to look out for and may choose a product based strictly on its appearance.

Avoid Lookalikes

Some edible brands have gone so far as to directly copy the packaging of well-known snacks like chips and candy. This poses even more of a threat to children and inexperienced users alike due to the inconspicuous labeling and hidden features of the products inside. A recent study on lookalike edible cannabis products found that these packages copied or imitated an average of 3.9 out of six features of well-known packaging, and indicated cannabis content with an average of 4.1 out of eight features. With more and more of these “copycat” edibles hitting the market, design your edible packaging to be unique and original.


The popularity of cannabis edibles will only continue to grow as brands innovate new and creative products. It’s important to consider safety, quality, and design elements when creating effective edible packaging.

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