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Top 5 Packaging Tips for Cannabis Topicals

Cannabis Topicals

The booming cannabis industry has given rise to many new products and delivery methods. One of the most promising segments are cannabis topicals, which include creams, balms, and lotions. Ensuring the freshness, safety, and efficacy of these products depends on proper packaging. In this article, we will discuss five essential packaging tips to keep your cannabis topicals in optimal condition.

Prioritize Freshness

Freshness is crucial for all cannabis products, including topicals. Since they often contain carrier oils like coconut oil or shea butter, they can spoil over time. Exposure to light, air, and heat can also degrade the quality of the cannabis extract. To maintain the freshness and potency of your cannabis topicals, opt for packaging solutions such as airless pumps.

Protect Active Ingredients

The effectiveness of cannabis topicals relies on the integrity of their active ingredients. By choosing the right packaging materials and designs, you can shield these valuable compounds from external factors that might compromise their efficacy. Opaque glass jars, air-tight seals, and UV-resistant containers are ideal. Additionally, ensure your labels provide information about the active ingredients, allowing consumers to make informed decisions.

Ensure Child-Resistance

Child-resistant packaging is a legal necessity for all cannabis products. More importantly, it prevents children from accidentally ingesting product, which they might mistake for regular lotions or creams. Following ASTM standards can help ensure that your packaging meets state, federal, and international regulations while providing peace of mind to your consumer.

Enhance User Experience

User-friendly packaging is key to a positive customer experience with your cannabis topicals. Pumps, roll-ons, or tubes can be more convenient than jars, while clear usage instructions and dosing information can further improve usability. By selecting packaging that is both functional and easy to use, you can ensure a superior customer experience.

Develop a Strong Brand

As the demand for cannabis topicals continues to surge, it’s important to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of your target audience. Thoughtfully align your brand vision with polished and functional packaging designs to create a lasting impression on your customers, helping to solidify your position as a top provider of high-quality products.


In summary, the packaging of cannabis topicals plays a vital role in maintaining their freshness, potency, and overall quality. By taking into account factors such as child-resistance, active ingredient protection, and user experience, you can select the ideal packaging for your products. As the industry evolves, packaging innovation will remain a key consideration for businesses striving to offer top-notch, effective cannabis topicals to their customers.

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