Airless Bottle and Jar Set 612-JB/RX/QL Series


Item # 612- JB/RX/QL Series

Description: High end airless bottle and cream jar set for skincare cream and cosmetic. Custom design with PMS color, finish and printing (silkscreen, hot stamping)

Item Capacity Height(h) Diameter(d) Material
Airless Bottle Actuator Inner Bottle Collar Bottle
612AB-RX-15 15ml 103 38.5 ABS PP ABS Acrylic
612AB-RX-30 30ml 131.5 38.5
612AB-RX-50 50ml 169.5 38.5
Lotion Bottle Actuator Inner Bottle Collar Bottle
612DT-QL-100 100ml 173 43.5 ABS PP ABS Acrylic
Cream Jar Cap Inner Cap/Jar Disc Jar
612AA-JB-30 30ml 64.5 60 ABS PP PE Acrylic
612AA-JB-50 50ml 74.5 60

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