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Tin vs. Plastic: Which is Better for Pre-Roll Packaging?

pre-roll packaging

Plastic has dominated pre-roll packaging for years—but as trends evolve and consumers become more aware, things are starting to change. Instead of opting for the cheapest or most convenient packaging, brands are now required to place quality and performance at the forefront. One material that has started to revolutionize the pre-roll packaging market is tin, and this article will explain exactly why you should consider making the switch.


For decades, plastic bags were the primary method of storing cannabis for future use. In recent years, as pre-rolls have started to gain popularity, so have the use of plastic “doob” tubes. Unfortunately, many brands and consumers are unaware that plastic containers bring down the potency of your cannabis over time. The static charge from a plastic bag or tube removes the trichomes from the cannabis, which virtually strips it of its potency. Also, heat and UV light can convert THC into another cannabinoid, CBN, which has none of the same psychoactive effects. While plastic has been the go-to for storing cannabis for a long time, keeping your pre-rolls in plastic bags, tubes, or jars is simply a shortcut to drying out your weed.


We’ve used tin packaging for over two centuries and we still use it to pack foods and beverages today. In fact, many of the items you see on grocery store shelves are packaged in tin. Like food, cannabis must be kept in a cool, dry place where mold cannot grow. Tin locks in freshness and keeps the air, temperature, and UV rays that can start to affect your cannabis out. On top of that, today’s pre-rolls are often covered in or infused with a high-potency concentrate, which makes it even more important to preserve quality through your packaging.

Future of Pre-Roll Packaging

With over 600 pre-roll labels currently sold in the U.S. and no single brand commanding more than 3% of the market, there’s plenty of opportunity for you to make an impact in the space. If you want your product to stand out, it’s important to focus on packaging.

For one, stay away from cheap, low-quality packaging as it will drive down your product’s perceived value. You should also avoid using the same type of containers as every other brand. If people cannot identify your product, how will they find it on dispensary shelves? Lastly, you should of course choose packaging that maintains the freshness of your product. There’s nothing worse than opening up a stash only to find the dried-up remains of some once-lively greens. Tin packaging is perfect for increasing the perceived value, shelf life, and overall appearance of your pre-rolls.


Many factors go into a product’s success besides simply the product itself. Packaging is a key component that leads to more sales, increased awareness, and strong brand loyalty. Instead of treating pre-roll packaging like just another expense, use it to your advantage and create a product that looks and feels like it belongs in the hands of your customer.

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