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3 Benefits of Custom Inserts for Cannabis Packaging

3 Benefits of Custom Inserts for Cannabis Packaging

One of the most effective ways to boost your product’s perceived value is through custom insert trays. Custom inserts give your product a premium feel while protecting it from damage or tampering. Whether your brand focuses on flower, pre-rolls, edibles, or concentrates, customizing your insert trays will create a personalized packaging experience for your customer. Here are three benefits of including custom inserts in your cannabis packaging.

Higher Perceived Value

According to How Customers Think: Essential Insights into the Mind of the Market by Gerald Zaltman, the choice consumers make in-store and online comes from a 95% subconscious decision. This is why perceived value plays such an important role in your packaging. When your product looks and feels more valuable, customers are more likely to buy. How do custom insert trays impact perceived value? Well, on a visual level, an insert tray that snugly fits your pre-rolls or edibles creates an organized, symmetrical layout that is appealing to the eye. On a physical level, the ease of access and clear division of product makes engaging with the packaging more enjoyable. These factors greatly enhance the appeal of your product while subconsciously nudging customers to the point of purchase.

Keeps Product Safe

How can you WOW your customer after they’ve already purchased your product? Surprise them with the perfect product layout inside your packaging. With your products likely going from hand to hand through the distribution and sale process, you want to ensure that your product remains in the best shape possible. Keep your edibles from melting together, your pre-rolls from crumbling into pieces, and your cartridges from shattering with a custom insert tray that is designed perfectly for your product.

Another functional benefit of custom insert trays is that they allow you to sell more of your product in one container. Instead of continuously trying to push and sell single pre-rolls or small amounts of edibles at a time, inserts can help you logistically fit more products in one container. This allows you to sell higher-ticket multi-packs in a single sale.

Personalized Packaging

Custom insert trays can being a level of personalization to your product by creating a unique packaging experience. From the moment consumers lay eyes on your product to the time they get to enjoy it at home or with friends, your packaging represents your brand every step of the way. What better way to make your brand memorable than with a custom look and feel? Whether customers are aware of it or not, the consistency of your branding from logo to product has an impact on their experience with your product. Make your product stand out from the rest by making your packaging match your brand. Customizing your packaging is the best way to make it look and feel like it belongs in your lineup of products.


Custom insert trays give your product a premium feel while keeping your product safe and secure. Packaging your brand’s flower, pre-rolls, edibles, or concentrates in custom insert trays will create a personalized packaging experience for your customer.

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