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Keep Compliant with Child-Resistant Packaging for Cannabis Products

Product safety is one of the most important things that any business needs to consider. It’s not just the product itself that needs to be as safe as possible, but also the packaging. This is even more important with products such as cannabis products that could be unsafe in the wrong hands. Child-resistant packaging comes into play here, helping you to keep your customers and their families safe. Our extensive range of child-resistant packaging offers more than any other packaging supplier. Our selection includes bottles, jars, tubes, and tins, which are perfect for pre-rolls and other cannabis products.

Choice of Child-Resistant Packaging

At The Packaging Company, our range of child-resistant packaging offers you a selection of styles for different products. We have packaging suitable for pre-rolls, edibles, cartridges, and more. No matter which type of packaging you choose, it’s designed to be safe and compliant. Our packaging is made with FDA food-grade ink and materials.

Our child-resistant packaging for cannabis products includes:

  • Pre-roll tubes
  • Pre-roll tins
  • Snap tins
  • Jars
  • Airless bottles
  • Lip balm packaging
  • Tubes
  • Dropper bottles
  • Fold pouches
  • Bags
  • Nasal sprayers

Whatever types of products you are selling, our packaging offers solutions that are child-resistant, good for the environment, and help your brand to look good too.

Why Choose Our Packaging?

There are multiple excellent reasons to choose our child-resistant packaging to make your products safer.

Recyclable materials

Our child-resistant packaging is made using recyclable materials, including aluminum, tin, and glass. They can be reused, which could be an appealing benefit for your customers, whether they want to reuse them at home or return them to you for recycling. Tin and aluminum can also be recycled without any downcycling, which is when the quality of the material is affected by the recycling.

Our tin and aluminum child-resistant containers have a full child-resistant certification report to demonstrate that they are a safe option for storing your products. Material safety data sheets are available for each of our products.

Improve product quality

One of the main reasons to choose aluminum and tin for your cannabis product packaging is that plastic and paper can degrade the quality of cannabis. In contrast, the materials that we use help to keep your products fresh, even after your customers have opened them. Our products use an airtight silicone gasket to provide extra protection and help to lock in freshness.

Stand out from the crowd

Standing out from your competitors can be tough when you’re in a rapidly growing market. One of the ways you can ensure your brand stands out is by choosing the right packaging design. Our customizable packaging is sure to make your products look good. You can print your own logo and designs on your choice of packaging. Your designs can be printed directly onto your packaging, with a great range of colors available too.

Child-resistant packaging makes your cannabis products safer and more compliant. The color and finish of our packaging options are completely customizable so you can ensure your products stand out.